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What Are The Best Organic Lipsticks? Our 3 Favorites Reviewed

At a time when the toxic substances in our cosmetics are regularly pointed out, organic beauty products are doing very well. In the make-up department, it is undoubtedly organic lipstick that most easily makes us look good. For good reason: applied to the thin skin of our lips several times a day, it is more a matter of care than of ephemeral pomp and circumstance.

Why use an organic lipstick?

What does a classic lipstick contain? In 2007, an American consumer association launched the Campaign for safe cosmetics, which analyzed the composition of 33 different lipsticks.

The verdict: two thirds contained traces of lead, some of them in dangerous doses, particularly for the brain and fertility. Researchers at Berkeley continued the investigations and also found chromium in worrying quantities, which can cause liver tumors, kidney damage and nervous system disorders. The presence of these heavy metals is due to the raw materials used, such as mineral pigments for example.

This is why it is best to choose an organic and natural lipstick: this way you avoid synthetic dyes, preservatives and perfumes, as well as products from the petrochemical industry.

The organic lipstick by Benecos™

Formulated with castor oil and Jojoba wax, the lipstick moisturises and nourishes while you apply make-up. Its light texture glides easily over the lips and offers quick drying and long-lasting hold. Practical, it slips into your handbag for touching up at any time of the day. Ultra-pigmented, it will quickly become your ally for beautiful, radiant lips. It is compatible with all lips, even the most sensitive. Its foam tip makes it quick and easy to apply.

The organic lipstick by Avril™

Avril Cosmétiques offers a complete range of high quality organic cosmetics at affordable prices. At Avril Cosmétiques you will find everything you need for your beauty: make-up products, facial care, body care and hair care, all certified with the Ecocert organic label. For ultra-intense mouth make-up, Avril’s organic-certified Garnet lipstick is your best ally! It also ensures soft and moisturized lips thanks to its formula with protective organic oils.

Organic lipstick by Alima Pure™

Velvet ALIMA PURE natural lipstick moisturizes and enhances lips in a single stroke thanks to its formulation rich in luxurious plant oils. Available in 5 shades, it offers a rich pigmentation with a semi-matt finish that allows for impeccable hold all day long.

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