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adaptogenic herbs

Adaptogenic Herbs: What You Should Know About Its Benefits

“Adaptogen coffee”, “adaptogen smoothie”, “adaptogen tea”… in recent months, the term adaptogen has flourished en masse on blogs, social networks and magazines and across the Atlantic, the concept has become the new major trend in the health sphere. But what does this obscure notion mean and what benefits does it conceal for the body? …

natural remedies anxiety

Best Natural Remedies For Anxiety: 8 Tips To Feel Better

Stress, anxiety, parasitic thoughts sometimes result in psychosomatic symptoms: a lump in the stomach or throat, tension in the back or trapezius muscles, a migraine, nausea, tinnitus, and can, for example, lead to eating and sleeping disorders or develop into anxiety attacks and sometimes even phobias. Discover here our list of natural remedies that could …