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How Many Calories Does Yoga Burn? Our Explanations

Can you lose weight by doing Yoga?

Let’s specify that doing 1 hour of yoga burns calories in variable quantities (depending on the type of yogic activity):

  • 189 calories burned for one hour of Hatha Yoga (for a person weighing 68 kilos)
  • 351 calories burned with Ashtanga
  • 477 calories expelled with the Bikram
  • 594 calories expended thanks to Vinyasa.

What can be the reason for these differences between those who do yoga and those who don’t? Yogis are more “in tune” with their bodies in general. They do not overeat because they are aware of their true level of hunger and when they are full. So doing yoga is an easy way to keep your mind and body in balance. With some of the more physically demanding yogic disciplines (such as Ashtanga for example, see next section), you can consider losing weight (along with a balanced and healthy diet).

What are the benefits of Hot Yoga?

The heat accelerates perspiration, increases the heart rate and increases overall exertion.

Is sweating more a benefit? Not really. Perspiration does not eliminate anything that would not otherwise be evacuated from the body. It is salt and water… Moreover, the weight of water lost through perspiration is quickly regained through drinking and eating.

Is it an advantage to increase the heart rate and exercise? Possibly. Heat makes exercise more difficult and increases its intensity, but does not necessarily translate into a better workout. Find here more information about hot yoga:

Comparison of calories expended by sport

The number of calories burned varies from person to person, but here is the result of a study on a person weighing 70 kg and per sport:

  1. Running at 10.8 km/h = 774 calories
  2. Breaststroke = 704 calories
  3. Zumba = 615 calories
  4. Rowing at a moderate pace = 598 calories
  5. Cycling at 20 km/h = 563 calories
  6. Tennis = 563 calories
  7. Football training = 563 calories
  8. Hatha yoga = 281 calories
  9. Calisthenics = 245 calories
  10. Pilates = 175 calories

How do I know if I have burned calories in yoga?

One of the most important factors for calculating calorie expenditure per sport is the intensity of the training. The calories burned when walking, for example, differ significantly from the amount of calories burned when running. The calorie burned meter takes these factors into account to calculate and obtain more accurate results. Your weight and height are also important factors when calculating calories burned per sport. Calories burned per sport differ from weight to weight. A heavier person will burn more calories than a lighter person, even if the intensity and duration are the same. In addition, age can also play a role. As a person ages, muscle mass is constantly being reduced. The older you get, the fewer calories you burn. The calorie-burning meter takes these factors into account.